Something lurks beneath the sea,

And, smiling, Licks its teeth at me.

Happy Leviathan is an anti-folk/alternative-rock band from Seattle, WA. Their music ranges from visually immersive rock ballads to angst-driven acoustic punk. Lyrically, they illuminate and explore the depths of our human (and sometimes decidedly inhuman) experience.

Spine and Scale doth move below;

Whilst briny sails above me blow.

Originally formed in 2011 by singer-songwriter Ender Smith, banjo-ist Devin Munk, and videogame-drummer Jenni Trewin, Happy Leviathan was widely considered to be “pretty cool” [citation needed]. With the addition of vocalist-guitarist Shannon-Lukas Smith, the band developed a distinct sound and energy as they would write and perform new material regularly. The same passion with which they were writing would help the band continue for years, even as band-members came and went. However, by January 2014, all original members of Happy Leviathan had moved away, and the band went on hiatus.

Turns that coiling, sneering beast,

And burns my soul with fear increased

But like a creature from the depths, the band resurfaced. In the summer of 2018, the band reunited with a new and exciting line-up:

Ender Smith, guitar and vocals

Aubrey Dangel, bass and vocals

Jenni Trewin, drums

Happy Leviathan is back and ready to book, busk, and record their way to the top of the foodchain (metaphorically speaking).

You snap your teeth, and I am gone,

Thou happy, sleek Leviathan.