Lyrics & Chords

We have always enjoyed playing songs by other bands. But lots of times, the chords and lyrics are hard to find, and sometimes they aren't even accurate. And you can't help thinking,

"How does the original artist think about their music?

Did they ever write it down?

How can I get my hands on that version of the music?"

Well, we decided that you deserved that version of the music. So we now present:

A free-to-use, Easy-to-read, ready-to-play GUIDE

to Playing Happy Leviathan's Music

Print only the songs that you want to play, or keep it digital. It's up to you!

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Like all of our work, this book and the music in it has a Creative Commons Attribution License. That means that you can learn and cover any of our original music, (so long as you make it clear that we wrote it)!